For a new beginning!

Sunday, 16 August 2020

It's been about 6 months since I got my first job as a developer at smallcase and It's time to step up the game a little. Starting from revamping my website, restart blogging, problem solving, opensource contributions and finally stand out to be one of the best (If not, the best 😅) in the community. Join me in this journey where I explore everything from 'git' to 'serveless computing'.

So what changed?

  1. New domain name, is now
  2. Switched from Gatsby (Portfolio) + Hugo (Blog) to Next.js
  3. Switched from Github Pages to Vercel for hosting

What to expect?

  • Mostly related to web development
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Some random crazy stuff to try if you're familiar with programming (Ever heard kartOS, A custom debian based linux distro)

I'll be starting off by sharing how is built. Feel free to checkout the code on Github, It's opensource.

Instead of dumping everything in this single post, I'll be writing up seperate posts explaining in detail. I've listed down 👇 a few. Depending on when you're seeing it, the following list can just be a chunk of plain text or links to some clear and high quality content 😉.

  1. Getting started with Next.js and Typescript
  2. Setting up ESLint and Prettier
  3. Setting up Next.js with Tailwind CSS
  4. Setting up next-mdx-remote and syntax highlighting
  5. And many more.


  • Post new content atleast twice a month
  • Find better ways to deliver the content (Maybe newsletters or even push notifications)
  • Finally, build a community

I'm open for suggestions or even a casual discussion. Feel free to drop a 👋 to or catch up on twitter @_iamkarthikeyan